57+ Inspiring DIY College Apartment Design & Decor Ideas

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Year of school, many university students live in the collage condominium. This is advisable for all students, since most students prefer living in dorm to renting the house due to the high cost living during their study. Unluckily, they get the small and less spacious room where they have to settle down for four years or so. In attempt to bring the comfort, students should deal with apartment design ideas so that the room will be pleasantly comfortable.

In dealing with the collage condominium which is very small and less cozy, what you need to do is to redesign the room. Make sure to purchase the compact furniture with more functionality. Take the example of the table which can be used to store the books as well. Do not be afraid of spending too much money since you can follow many apartment collage tips to change the look of the narrow collage condominium.

One thing that you can do with the inexpensive apartment design ideas is to consider the printable wall murals. This helps you to make the collage condominium feels larger than before. In addition, this will save you more money and you do not need to paint the wall. To add up, you may also consider about the potted plants so that it will make your apartment college feels more natural than before. It is said that there are so many kinds of indoor plants that provide you with more benefits.

In attempt to create more private room, you are suggested to hang your personal photos. Do not forget to illuminate the photos with the twinkle lights, so that it will look more fascinating. This apartment design does not cost you hundred dollars. If you want more apartment collage decorations, you can also add the artistic throw pillows so that it will make your bed become colorful. So, there will be no more reason to feel so bored during your stay in apartment collage.

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