50+ Good and Elegant House Architecture Design Inspiration

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52 of 52

Apart from being a place to rest after tiring daily activities, the house can also use as a property to invest and bring benefits in the future. Usually, the bigger the house, the higher the price. At this point, the function of the house is not only as a shelter but also as investment items.

However, large size alone is not enough. To get high house prices, you also have to design in such away. An artsy and stylish house will be more attractive to investors because it can use as a resort and a place to live at the same time. So, here is one house inspiration that you might be interested in trying.

The concept of this house is dominated by modern design, which is seen from most of the buildings that make to maximize natural sunlight lighting. The use of large glass windows can make your house look big and spacious and also save electricity because there is no need to turn on the lights during the day.

Besides being a modern house inspiration design, a classic touch of design can also found in the shape of this building. The use of wood and bamboo materials makes the house feel warm and comfortable. A large yard will spoil your children to play freely without worrying. The combination of green grass and solid natural rocks makes your home look natural, calm, but also sturdy.

For the roof or rooftop, you can decorate it as a private area for you and your partner to enjoy the charming sunset by enjoying a cup of coffee. With the right lights, the night view will be even more amazing with a touch of rustic concept. The use of curtains will also increasingly make this part look charming and romantic.

If you dream of having lots of vehicles, building a large garage is a must. The use of this classic modern concept is very suitable to build a garage that is secure but still stylish and integrated with the home design. You will always be free to park your vehicle without any guilt.

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