45+ Beautiful Rustic DIY Key Holder Ideas

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Household waste often makes you guilt and confused about how to remove it. Instead of letting it is un-useful and wasteful and can use it to become beautiful and useful merchandise, such as key holders. Here are some tips on DIY Key holders that you must try.

Unused items such as plastic bottles or anything can produce a beautiful and valuable work of art. Only with a little creativity and imagination, you can make something that can be used in everyday life. You can sell these items at reasonable prices if you add a small production process to them.

Key Holders may sound trivial and like worthless. However, its existence is quite essential given that keys are crucial items but are quite small and difficult to find if not placed in the right place. Keyholders can simplify your life by saving time from searching for lost keys.

The picture above is one form of product that you can copy to make a DIY key holder from recycled material. Instead of throwing away your plastic waste in vain, you can start cutting off piece by piece to create a great simple merchant for a joyful life. With only a few additional materials like nails and glue and a few centimeters of the plank, your keyholder is ready to use.

To make it look artsier, put this thing together with the fairy light around it. Could you turn it on at night? Use plain wallpaper so that the color is more on during the daytime, making it easier to find your keys. Please place it in a place that often seen and ideals such as a door, mirror in the family room, or private room.
For the sake of keeping it durable, could you not put it close to fire or water? Water will make the boards more brittle and damaged, while shooting can make everything destroyed. Attach the hook with the nails tightly and correctly, so it not easily dislodged.
Get inspired yet? Well, happy trying. Cheers.

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