40+ Creative DIY Garden Art Painted Rocks

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Haven’t you found any inspiration to beautify your beautiful garden? It is time for you to improve your reference by knowing how to make simple creations made from stone provided by nature with DIY painted rocks for a fantastic garden.

For those of you who like gardening, it would be nice to see the flowers you planted grow in bloom, right? To beautify your backyard, now you can improvise using an inexpensive material, natural rock. With a small creativity, you can create an unusual DIY garden.

DIY painted rocks can be a choice when you are confused about what objects you want to make garden decoration but don’t have more budget to buy things like lights or benches. Only with colorful paints and stones of various sizes, you can start to express the joy of gardens and flowers in a single brush stroke.

To start an amazing DIY garden, first of all, determine the concept you want to apply to your garden. Then, create a few corner points for you to give a few decorative items such as garden lights, wooden benches, and a little bit of coffee table. If possible, place a fish pond in the middle of the garden and use painted rocks as decoration around it.

Choose a theme that painted your favorite rocks. Water animals like crabs, squid, starfish, and many other cute sea animals that you can make inspiration. Or, small land insects such as ladybug, butterfly, and many others can also be combined with green and fresh grass to make it more natural.

Use environmentally friendly paint to avoid pollution. To make it easier when drawn, you should first clean the stones that will be used from the ground that is still attached. Then dry it in the sun. Use the appropriate brush so that the resulting image is more natural. Well, those are some tips for creating a DIY garden with simple rock paintings that you can try at home. Happy trying.

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