24+ Wonderful Tulips Arrangement Tips for Your Home Garden Ideas

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For whoever who still looking for garden decoration ideas, this article must be the best choice to read. Today, we would like to provide excellent home garden decoration ideas, especially for a small home.

Having a small home is sometimes needs more effort to decorate. The main point isn’t just to place the things in its places. The little home should well design to keep it cozy and get a full look. This concept also can be applied to its’ garden. The home garden ideas can be adjusted by the home condition actually, but in general, the picture bellow can describe your necessity.

The placement of the garden around the stairs will make it look more full. This is because you can put the flower on each step of the stairs, so you don’t need a unique space to put it on. For the base part, it is adding some higher plants like palm and another huge flower to get enough oxygen supply to keep your garden green and fresh. If it’s possible, the installation of the fish pond in the garden area will improve the aesthetics. It will be quiet beautiful to put some lamps around the pool ad garden.

The color selection is not something crucial. You can choose any colors to decorate your small garden. However, the neutral and soft one is the right choice if you like a minimalist but still neat with fresh-air garden. Choose the pastel or white to get warmth and fresh impression at the same time. Please don’t too much add dark color to avoid un-match color between grass and dark. Besides, the dark side of the home garden is the perfect place for Mosquito.

Well, here is the result if you apply the home garden ideas for the small home. Just create your designs to make a home sweet home with a secret garden by choosing your favorite. Cheers.

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