20+ brilliant Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas

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The farmhouse is a decoration concept famous in modern folks. The farmhouse design that never died for the house design, living room, until the kitchen. The farmhouse kitchen is popular with wood domination in every part of the kitchen.

There many parts of the kitchen that makes from the wood as the primary material. You can leave the wood color, and the pattern sees in your kitchen. It makes your kitchen look natural and a pleasure for you to more comfortable when cooking the food for your family.

The farmhouse is also popular with the kitchen island ideas. The island ideas also bring the wood as the primary material that uses for the building, and one of them is the kitchen. The wood floor is very fantastic to see with the natural pattern and the wood color. You must not to paint the wood floor, leave the story with the original wood.

Presenting the big table in the center of the kitchen is the best choice to get the function more and more. You can use the table for preparing the food before cooking, and you can use it for the dining table. The table that makes from the wood makes the kitchen island ideas look so awesome. The meal complete with some of the storage to save the kitchen utensil. It would be best if you did not buy the storage shelves, and it safe for your money more.

Wood really dominated in the kitchen island ideas. Not only the table that makes from the forest, the door also forms from the wood. The vintage door style makes the kitchen look like the kitchen on the island usually. The wood cabinet also makes the kitchen look so natural.

You can add the lighting with the wood chandelier, choose the yellow light to make the kitchen look warm and romantic; this light very suitable to combine with the wood color look more brightness. The kitchen island ideas make your kitchen look so beautiful and cozy.

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