15 Admirable Timeless Blend Of Old And New

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This elegant Mediterranean villa overlooking the beach is one of a kind. The home was initially supposed to be a weekend home into Antiques impresario Richard Shapiro, however, has grown to be a world-renowned house. Below are a few of the characteristics which make this home unique and tasteful )

If it comes to blending the old using the new and mixing them together flawlessly, nothing gets near this home. In each corner you look at; there is something rustic in look with something which is modern. This produces a delightful contrast which makes this home unique.

Right from the courtyard, the tiles type a zigzag with Arabic patterns around the wall at which there is a tap for cooling your self through the hot times. There is plus a perfect mix of concrete and character making the home more natural appearing and it feels like it's is part of this beach about it.