15+ Good DIY PVC Chicken Feeder Ideas

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Choose to keep poultry in the yard of the house is a pleasure. You can raise some chicken as your pet poultry. To increase the chicken in your yard, you should pay attention to the growth and his health. Not only provide the food for chicken, you need to attend the clean of the food. DIY PVC chicken feeders should provide in your yard.

DIY PVC chicken feeders are one of a part that critical while you decided to raise the chicken as your poultry. It will make the chicken food keep clean and healthy because not contamination with bacteria in the environment around chicken coops. It also makes the chicken food not spilled and so scattered on the ground.

However, the DIY PVC chicken feeders helpful in keeping chicken health from the disease. You can find it in the market, or you can make it by yourself. The PVC chicken feeders are very easy to make it with the ingredient and equipment that easy to find around you and, of course, at affordable prices.

It would be best if you prepared the part and equipment to make DIY PVC Chicken feeders such as a
• three-inch diameter pipe: 20 inches long.
• Three-inch diameter pipe: 6 inch-long,
• three-inch diameter pipe :3 inches long,
• Forty-five degrees for “Y” connector, two three-inch PVC caps, Hacksaw, and PVC cement.

Assembly and chain the pipe make into the form that you like, make it simple and easy to use. Don’t forget to give the pipe cover on it makes your food chicken easy to fill and not wet when the rain comes. Glue the chain together with PVC cement into hard, then wait until really dry.

The DIY PVC chicken feeders are simple and easy to make; you can make it some for your chicken poultry in your yard. You can stick the PVC chicken feeder in the wall surface, or you make the design that enables you to stand alone in the soil. Therefore, you need to make it now. Good luck!

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